Total Diary

Total Diary has been designed solely for use in the Market Research industry. It's an innovative way of monitoring all your respondents, making sure they are recording their diary correctly and on time. What's more, you can send a link to your clients so they can keep track of the research as it unfolds. There are three specific type of users built into Total Diary - participants, moderators and clients. Permissions can be set so that clients can see the live blog. The moderator has the option of private messaging any participant, therefore giving feedback quickly and efficiently which helps getting the best and most out of them. Total Blog is also extremely user friendly meaning that all your participants will be able to log on and start blogging with the minimum amount of fuss. CLICK HERE FOR A DEMO

Total Community

Total Community is a forum built for Market Research. Comments, videos and pictures can easily be shared across an infinite amount of people in any location, therefore giving you the freedom to conduct detailed research with very few barriers. Total Community allows the moderator to speak to a group of people at the same time, interacting with all participants as if it was a virtual focus group. It also allows the moderator to conduct depth interviews, giving one on one access to any participant. Total Community is great for reaching a wider audience. Whether participants live far away or work in a specialised industry with limited spare time, it means they can still take part in research, but in their own time. CLICK HERE FOR A DEMO .

Total Survey

Total Survey allows you to gather a huge amount of information in a very short space of time. It is particularly useful for quantitative studies but can be used as a basis for qualitative research as well. Total Survey gives you the opportunity to ask respondents their views from all over the world and collate them in one place. You can then produce reports or graphs which will illustrate your findings and support your research. Whether you use Total Survey for this or as a screener for respondents, it's a quick and effective way to find out important information with minimal costs. CLICK HERE FOR A DEMO


Fast turnaround

By using online methods, you can reach a huge amount of people in a shorter space of time. Where traditional research methods would require travelling across country to get a representative sample, online methods mean you can take control from your office, cutting time and costs. If you're set a deadline which seems unattainable, Total Survey is a way of making the impossible, possible.


Total Survey helps you get the very best out of your participants, particularly when the research is of a sensitive nature. Studies show that people will reveal more online than face to face as they feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own surroundings as well them not being able to see the reaction of others. By hosting research online, it means that your participants will potentially reveal more, therefore giving you a more conclusive study.

Video tasks

Uploading videos is easier than ever nowadays and with more and more people having access to a video camera or smart phone, there is no reason not to exploit this. By creating an online portal for people to share videos and pictures, you enable yourself to get a real insight into people's lives, which is vital for thorough Market Research. Total Survey offers a fast and easy way for participants to upload videos as well as pictures, helping to get the most out of each paid respondent.

CLICK HERE to see a demo of the software in action.